So I Made A Purse…

I was admiring a fellow quilter’s purse at Kids Camp a few weeks ago.  Of course she’d made it herself. (Am I the only quilter who doesn’t carry a self-made purse?) Anyway, I became obsessed…like I often do, and kept touching it and saying how awesome it was…even after she’d offered to send me the pattern! I’m a bit much some times.  
Anyway, this is her awesome purse! It’s a pattern she or a friend had previously purchased which she made modifications to.
I decided the first one I made would be for my sis. I went to my stash and chose this gorgeous Australian print and coordinating color for the lining. 
And this is what happened!

I used an ultra firm fusible stabilizer on the purse body and décor-bond (firm) on the lining.  I didn’t much like my experience w/the ultra firm stabilizer though…but I got ‘er done!

There’s a deep pocket on one side and a more shallow one on the other.  These,  like the inside pockets can be customized to your needs (the possibilities are endless) but I’m quite fond of them just the way they are.

And then, there’s the inside!  This purse doesn’t look all that big from the outside…so I was pleasantly surprised w/how roomy it really is inside! I threw a few of my things inside for the pic, but could’ve added a lot more!

The strap is what pulls the wooden handles together to close the purse. It can be doubled to wear as a shoulder purse or used as a long single strap and worn cross body (if made long enough). I made this one 56″ long so it definitely can be worn cross body.  Therefore, I’m calling it the 2-Way Purse!

Here is my sis modeling it both ways.

And then…I made another one! This one is mine!  I love wood and liked the idea of seeing more of the wooden handles, so I changed the loops that holds them. I’m calling this one a 3-Way purse because it can also be used as a large clutch!  I didn’t want to fuss w/the ultra firm stabilizer so I used décor-bond (firm) for both lining and purse body.  I also used the same fabric for the lining but did something different on the pockets. And speaking of pockets, I inadvertently lined both the pocket fronts and backings w/décor-bond. but didn’t realize it until it was too late…so my pockets are a little stiff. =)

 Here it is before I got the wooden handles

Here’s a pic of the inside pockets.

And here I am modeling the 3-Ways to carry it!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time,  Happy Quilting/Sewing and God Bless!

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Almost Forgotten Finishes

I can’t believe this…and I can’t remember if it’s ever happened before…AND it may never happen again, but this is my 2nd post in one week!
Tonight on my blog reading list I saw a TGIFF! post from M-R Charbonneau of Quilt Matters and it reminded me that I have some finishes I haven’t shared w/y’all! 
So, without further ado… 
Mystery Quilt – started June 2014 finished June 2015

Snap Bags – A recent commission
Things not so finished…
Basket Weave Batik Placemats

This flimsy is a pattern called Modern Lattice by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.

It’s a flimsy

This flimsy is a pattern called Vintage Summer (2014) by Jeni Baker of In Color Order. It’s one I’ve been wanting to make for awhile and finally did last weekend.

It’s another flimsy

Today’s finishes…

And yet another on the sewing table…

And last but not least…one of David’s finishes. He turned me this gorgeous seam ripper! It’s made of Koa, which is a Hawaiian wood.
  Until next time, Happy Quilting and God Bless!
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Happy New Year 2015!

I’m sure this new year will have its ups and downs, as things cannot always be perfect, but I’m very grateful it has started on an up!

Iowa Spring Day baby quilt is finished! I quilted it w/organic wavy lines and I hand-sewed the binding, which is something I haven’t done in a long while!

39.75″ x 47.5″
Iowa Spring Day Backing
However, I will be hand binding more often…to justify a friend making me this custom hand sewing caddy.  I had seen something similar on Instagram, showed him a pic and this is what I got! Isn’t it fantastic?!

Before starting the project I got a tour of his shop. With so many species of trees in the world (some estimate 20,000+) it’s no wonder I’d never heard of the majority of wood types in his “stash”.  Yes, woodworkers have stashes too!

 Of course, one of my favorites was the Quilted Maple (see pic below) however, the three types of wood used in this little project were much more exotic!  The base is Sirari  (grows in Tropical South America, primarily Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay); the sides, needle holder, and extra spool/scissors block are made of Leopardwood (grows in South America, Chile, Brazil); and the stoppers on the spool turn are made of Bubinga (grows in Cameroon and Gabon, West Africa).

Watching and helping (yes, I helped a little!) a professional woodworker in action and working w/this gorgeous wood was quite fascinating! It’s definitely deepened my appreciation and love of trees! Thank you David! =)

The Quilted Maple I was telling you about.
With Iowa Spring Day finished I really ought to just be quilting Walk Like An Egyptian, but I’ve been moonlighting w/Through Thick and Thin.  Through Thick and Thin is a log cabin quilt I’m working on for my king size bed.  I’m constructing it w/2 different size logs, 2.5″ and 1.25″ and am using batik fabrics.  There will be 42 – 15″ blocks.  I wanted to do an offset Barn Raising layout, but I’m not sure if it’ll work w/so few blocks. Time will tell.  
Several blocks in Fields & Furrows layout
Piles of strings for Log Cabin

And lastly, I’ve got to make myself start quilting Walk Like An Egyptian this week! I’ve been putting it off because I’m not sure how to start the spiral quilting I want to do and am afraid to mess it up. If anyone has tips/tricks on how to get started on spiral quilting, please pass ’em my way.

Until next time, Happy Quilting and God Bless!

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