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It’s only been about 3 weeks since I last posted but it feels like 3 months! I’ve been so busy w/work since I returned from vacation I’ve had very little time to quilt and even less time to blog and oh how I’ve missed it! The Colorado trip was fantastic! It was my first real vacation in a long while. I spent the majority of the time sewing and made a lot of progress.

  • Finished appliqueing the wall hanging
  • Finished sewing the 1BW together and added a borders (pics w/borders coming soon)

  • Turned the Hopi Sun Quilt w/o Borders quilt into a tree skirt
  • Finished my 1st commissioned quilt

While in Granby, CO we stayed at the Inn at Silvercreek.

There were 3 of us on this trip and we transported all of this stuff AND brought it ALL up to our room in one trip…w/o the luggage cart! We definitely used the cart when we were leaving though!

The work area. Where there’s a will…

We three quilters sat around this small round table and sewed. Since the 1BW is so big, eventually I had to move to the cutting table. 

During the Colorado trip we visited w/M’s Aunt in Parshall, CO, which is only about 16 miles from Granby.  She owns this charming mountain retreat, Parshall Place,  which is just perfect for a weekend getaway or extended stay. This comfy 3 bedroom home is open year round and has a great nightly rate w/no minimum stay required. It wasn’t until after we left I realized I hadn’t taken any pics of the inside =(  The next time I travel to the mountains of Colorado it will be to stay at Parshall Place!

The view from the lookout behind Parshall Place

On the way back to AZ we spent the night in Moab,Utah where we got dumped on overnight!

Oh! I almost forgot. It was in Moab, UT that I learned what Intarsia is. This little beauty was crafted by M’s father-in-law. It’s so cute!

It was a wonderful trip and I cannot wait to do it again!
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Challenge Pressure and those Darn Distractions!

At a Quilters Anonymous meeting in May 2013, one of the gals presented a UFO Groupie Challenge: Unfinished Objects(projects). The idea was to encourage and challenge members to complete unfinished projects by a particular date.  At our June meeting, anyone who wanted to participate brought a realistic list (sealed in an envelope) of unfinished projects they wanted to complete by December 2013.  Each month you check in to track your progress and at the end in December, read your goal and reveal your projects. At the time of the challenge I had no UFOs, so I made a list of projects I thought I could realistically complete by December.

Here’s my list:
Hoffman Challenge Quilt
At least 1 Mondo Bag
2 Christmas Tree Skirts
King-size Spring/Summer quilt for my bed

I sew/quilt for at least 15 minutes every day (usually longer), so this list seemed very doable. Definitely something I could do in 6 months!  Had I stuck to the list it would’ve been smooth sailing.  Fast forward 4 months, and I’m starting to feel the pressure.The problem is, I’ve allowed myself to get distracted w/other quilt projects. I’ve completed most of the projects on my list but I haven’t been diligently working on my biggest, most labor intensive project. Now I have to finish my king size quilt and 1 more tree skirt w/less than 2 months left in the challenge!  Thankfully, I did start working on the spring/summer quilt in August and have done a little here & there, but after our October meeting last week, I realized I’ve got to get serious about it!

Here are some pics of things on my list AND those darn distractions! Most of these pics are on my previous post.
Hoffman Challenge Quilt
Christmas Tree Skirt #1
Distraction#1(wip – only top done)

Distraction #2

Distraction #3 (wip – only top done)

Distraction #4

Spring/Summer Quilt Progress  
I worked on this Friday and Saturday nights and finished sewing the triangles together. 
This pile will yield about 50 hexagons. I now have to press all the the seems open and then pin the 2 halves together before I can put them on the design wall.  

This stack is pressed and pinned and waiting to be put up on the design wall.

I’ve got about 80 up on the design wall so far. Now this part may seem easy…but it’s not. Here you’ve got to get all the hexagons to blend or flow together. I’m sure I’ll be on this step for a couple of weeks, changing, rearranging and all that jazz. Once I get them all up the way I want them, I can start sewing strips together. It’s going to be beautiful!!!

More progress to come.
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