WHOOMP There IT Is! #6

Hello and welcome to week #6 of WHOOMP There IT Is! 
I can’t believe I haven’t opened my giant roll of batting.  It’s been standing in the same corner of my bedroom for about 3 weeks now. I’ll cut into you soon enough Hobbs, I promise. 😉
Besides the custom quilt order I’m working on at home, I’ve been going every Thursday to my instructor’s house to work on the Christmas gift paper piecing project.  She’s a lovely woman from Quilters Anonymous, our chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild. Anyway, It’s all pinned up on her design wall. She’s been such a dear, coordinating my numbered fabrics w/the respective paper pieces. She gets several sets together and lines them up for me, so when I finish one, the next one is there ready and waiting. Yesterday was my 3rd week and I believe the 20″ square top will be completed in the next 2 Thursdays.  It’s been such a pleasure visiting in her home and getting to know her and her husband.

I actually have quite a few things to do “by Christmas”; three other quilts, eight pillowcases and hopefully several (2 dozen or so) simple sewn gifts for friends. On my honor, I will try not to add another thing to my “by Christmas” list!

I’ve already been thinking about my resolutions for the new year.  However, losing weight or exercising more have not even crossed my mind.  A more important resolution to me, is to do one project at a time.  I need to test and see just how productive I’ll be. I’m thinking it will probably be about the same, but w/much less stress and anxiety.  Who’s with me? (side note: I wasn’t sure if I should’ve used who’s or whose. Grammar Check says “no writing errors were found” either way…so I guess they are both acceptable??) 
Back to the subject of paper piecing though, I’m really falling for it!  I thought I was going to hate it but it’s quite amazing.  I love how the Christmas gift project is coming along, but I wanted to have something to show and share this week. Since I’m halfway finished w/the top of the custom order, I decided to use what I’ve learned paper piecing and do a small solo project. I stitched up these 2 blocks the other night; cups of tea. After I add embroidery floss to the tea bag tags, they shall become a pair of mug rugs.  The pattern is one of several free patterns, by Maartje of Quilt in Amsterdam . Thank you Maartje! 
Thanks for visiting.  Now it’s your turn to share what you’ve been working on.
A Quilted Passion

A Quilted Passion

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WHOOMP There IT Is! #5

I’m glad you could make it to this week’s WHOOMP There IT Is! Welcome. 
I’ve got news to share.

In case you missed it…I sell on Etsy! 😉 What’s even more exciting is I got my 1st custom quilt order 2 days after taking the shop off vacation status! Yay Me! I’ve already started on the order, but I won’t show pics until it’s received by my customer. Though I will tell you…it’s going to be fabulous!

There is something else I’ve been working on that I can’t show yet either. I’ve been learning to paper piece. The paper piecing process is quite fascinating and my sweetheart of an instructor says I’m doing a bonny job.

Have you heard of Quilt Art Designs?  If you haven’t, you should check it out. Janeen, the owner, is a real gem. She has a ton of paper pieced block patterns in her Craftsy Store Pattern Shop. Several of them are even FREE! She also does custom orders. I sent her a few pics and she magically turned them into awesome paper pieced patterns!

Anyway,  I’m working on one of the patterns she made for me, which will be a Christmas gift for a friend, that’s why I can’t show it yet.  But this is extremely difficult for me because it is AMAZING and I verra much want to share my progress w/the entire world! Well, to be honest, I have shown it to a few friends I know I can trust and even leaked a diddy or two on instagram…but there’s no way the intended recipient would ever know what it is. I’m extremely pleased w/how it’s coming out and I’m verra much looking forward to sharing the finished piece w/all of you.

I’m sorry I can’t show pics of what I’m currently working on.  I’m hoping some of y’all have projects that aren’t as secret as mine because it’s time to link up and share!

A Quilted Passion

A Quilted Passion

A Thread for Life