My Quilty Bucket R1P3

Round 1, Project 3 = HRTs

After sorting/refolding fabric several weeks ago, I pulled my next project and got a Wildcard. A Wildcard means I can make whatever I want that’s not already in My Quilty Bucket or I can pull from the bucket again. I only thought about it for a very little while and couldn’t think of any other project I wanted to make just then, so I pulled again and ended up w/an HRTs ufo which consists of Half Rectangle Triangles that my friend Katy cut for me w/her Accuquilt Studio 2 when I visited her in Michigan in Aug 2017.

I probably should’ve thought on a Wildcard project a little longer and maybe had a looksee on Instagram before I decided to pull another project because this FPP Heart pillow that Madonna made is so lovely! I know better for next time.

The HRTs have been in a shoebox since I returned from my visit in August 2017.

When I opened the shoebox I was delighted to find some other Grunge fabric I forgot I had. I kinda remember adding it to the box after I returned, intending to send it to Katy to cut. I decided to incorporate most of it into the quilt.

I didn’t really have a plan…just made it up as I went along.

And this is what I ended up with.

I did lots of practice FMQ on it.

I decided to give it to my youngest son so I added some Denver Bronco fabric to the back since he’s a big fan. This pic is before warshing.

And this is after, in all its crinkly wonder.

And here are a couple close-ups of my favorite grids of quilting.

I have one more finish to share as well. I recently started a Quilt & Craft Fellowship at my church. We gather the 2nd Saturday of each month and bring whatever crafty projects we’re working on.

This was my “traveling” project. The strippy HTSs are cut-offs, or bonus pieces, from a quilt I made for one of my nieces last year. This quilt with the cute kitty backing will be gifted to my youngest granddaughter on her 5th birthday in August.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, God Bless & Happy Stitchin’!

A Thread for Life

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2NIV

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6 thoughts on “My Quilty Bucket R1P3

  1. Ohhh I like that one!! And glad you had some extra fabrics !!! I am sure your son will love it!
    So the title – R1P3 – looked like Rest in Peace – so I thought it meant that you emptied a scrap bucket haha!!

  2. Wow, you whipped that quilt up so quickly and it’s really nice! I’m sure your son will enjoy it for years to come! Great idea for your church group – I hope you have a good turn out!

  3. I bet it feels great to have another finish! I’m sure your son will enjoy it! I love the idea for your church group. We (my small group) we’re just talking about a similar event happening at our church where you do a craft but I like how you set up yours to let you bring your own project and work on them ‘together’.

  4. 1. Your HRT project looks awesome! Love the Grunge fabrics, love the pop of reddish orange with those small squares, and your ribbon candy quilting looks SO good! 2. Makers Delight is such a wonderful idea for a fellowship group! I have always felt that making things is spiritual, because it reminds me that I’m made in the image of the Creator of the Universe. I imagine that God looks down on what we’re making with joy, the way I would feel when my kids were little and they were making macaroni art. 🙂

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