She is Finished

I’ve dubbed her Proud Mary.

If you want a closer look, she will be on display at the Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Show in Mesa AZ, March 22-24, 2018.

The pattern is called Wicked Weaver by Lillyella Stitchery.

My original plan was to put her on the back side of my Scrappy Webs quilt. But once I started piecing it, I knew she would be too awesome to be on the back of anything.

I thought the striped fabric would make a fabulous, web-like background, and I love the way it turned out. She finished at 23″ x 26″.

Until next time, Happy Stitchin’!

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11 thoughts on “She is Finished

  1. Talent. Absolute talent. That is very eye catching. Even if you don’t like the real ones, you have to admire the beauty in the workmanship of this of this piece. Well done Zenia!

  2. Great job. I’ve done a small amount of paper piecing and I enjoy it. I usually gravitate towards quick and easy. But this one has been on my mind ever since I saw yours. I am curious would you say the pattern is moderate for difficulty? And, are her directions well written, or is it just the diagrams numbered up as to which piece goes on first, second, etc? Hope you have time to let me know, if you are too busy at the present, I totally am ok with waiting until your time is available. Thanks for the info, when ‘you’ have time. May God bless you with a wonder filled March.

  3. Beautiful!!!! I don’t like them but spiders are fascinating. I agree it shouldn’t be on the back of anything! What is the finished size of the quilt?

  4. It’s gorgeous! I just love it. It’s so striking. Congratulations to you on a beautiful finish. Hugs,

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