Progress on MSP

MSP stands for Merry Sparkle Punch. The pattern is called Sparkle Punch; I added the “Merry” because I’m using mostly “Christmassy” fabrics.

Here’s the different star sets and amounts required to assemble a 60″ x 72″ top.

• 80 sets of 5 squares to make whole stars

• 14 sets of 4 squares to make three-quarter stars

• 2 sets of 3 squares to make half stars

• 18 single squares to make quarter stars

Anyway, I went all gang busters on it last week and more than doubled the number of sets to make the whole stars. I went from 29 to 65.

My fabric cutter, Bruno, and 3.5″ die (multiple squares), played a huge part in my progress.

Not only did I use it to cut all the squares I need…

(Click here —> to read about AccuCut vs AccuQuilt.)

I also used it to trim up my star points!Bruno is most efficient! He’s a keeper for sure!

With this being said and done, MSP is temporarily going on the back burner, so I can work on a couple of necessary quick makes.

Happy stitchin’!

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2 thoughts on “Progress on MSP

  1. Wow, that looks like it will be pretty! The fabric is a pretty shade of red with blue and green. I always love your selection of fabric design and colors. You are so talented. I look forward to seeing this quilt.

  2. Awesome progress on this quilt, I love your fabrics, they are wonderful Christmas colors that I am always on the lookout for. Thanks for sharing!

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