A Bit-O-Handwork

I’ve got a UFO to get out of the closet/onto the design wall AND a quilt to square up and prepare for binding, but first a bit-o-handwork!

Any time I sit on the couch Moe thinks it’s time to sit on my lap. He is a lap dog after all.

This is the project. It’s an Arkansas Traveler block. It will be a pillow cover to match a lap quilt that is ready for quilting (not hand quilting) and in my queue.

This handwork business is new to me so I’m not sure what type of thread I really should be using or if/when to double strand it. I’m pretty sure it all depends on the look/feel I’m going for, but any tips/pointers you can offer are appreciated.

These are the threads I’m using.

I got this contraption from the “freebie” table at our chapter meeting last month. I love freebies! I’m hoping someone can explain how I’m supposed to use it for handwork.

Thanks for stopping by.

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5 thoughts on “A Bit-O-Handwork

  1. I have a half hoop like yours. I use safety pins where that fabric edge is and you line it up withe edge of your project. Then you put the hoop over the part your going to quilt. I hope this helps. I use a couple of different brands of quilting thread. If you want a heavier look just use a weight of thread that gives you the look. I love your project and your sweet puppy. Hugs,

  2. Good luck with your handwork. It looks great so far. I, too, have the same questions regarding thread.

  3. Your puppy is so cute and has the best seat in the house. I use quilting thread most of the time for hand quilting. Sometimes #8 perle cotton if I want more emphasis on the quilting design (it’s heavier and more decorative for embellishing and accents. Your quilting pattern looks good. The hoop is used for holding the edge of fabric that you are quilting or embroidering. It makes the edge more stable and taut.

  4. When I hand quilt, I don’t double thread it – only knot one side. I think I only double thread for buttons – not sure any other times I would.I guess you could use both sides if you wanted a thicker look and couldn’t find a double strand. Your cream looks like it is quilting thread and is probably thick enough. I would think that one strand would be easier to hide the knot inside the sandwich.

    Your quilting is beautiful, so you should keep doing what you are doing.

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