A Bad Mama Jama

She’s a bad mama jama, just as fine as she can be!

I shared the small “practice” version a few weeks ago, but today I’m sharing my large size Wicked Weaver block and I am totally stoked!

Without further ado…I used more of the “citron” color to make the weaver pop. And look at that “wicked” web!

Here are the 2 blocks together.

I enjoyed piecing the large so much more than that bitty one.

I originally planned to put the WW on the back of my scrappy Halloween Spiderweb quilt, but I immediately fell in love w/the effect of the bold B&W stripe and knew it wouldn’t do to put this baby on the back of anything!

Here’s my scrappy Halloween Spiderweb flimsy.

Looking forward to finishing both of these beauties!

Thanks for visiting.

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8 thoughts on “A Bad Mama Jama

  1. Hi Zenia, your color selections are excellent. I have never done paper piecing before, but I love what people do with it. That spidey is an amazing work of art! So right! A bad mama jama! Right color combos really make a pattern work. Citron was such a good choice. Not a color you see so much. But I sure agree it was an excellent choice for your quilt pieces. Wow. You are super creative. Sewing is so much fun!

  2. Ok, I’m not into much Halloween stuff, but that spider is amazing. I love it! The citron really makes it pop, especially with that wicked background. It is a great block!

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