Finding My Sewjo

I did make some sewing progress in Michigan.

This is one of four WIPs I aim to finish by year’s end. 

My Halloween Spider Web quilt.  Even though I started it over a year ago, I arrived in MI w/a whopping one block finished.

I managed to get all my star centers cut out and finish three more blocks.

About a week before my trip Katy reminded me about her longarm and Accuquilt and suggested I bring a top to quilt and fabric to cut.

I didn’t have a quilt top finished but I remembered an older WIP, not one of the four previously mentioned, that I had started for my sis. It was about half completed, so I quickly finished it to have something to quilt.

And quilt I did! I used the Malachite panto by Urban Elementz.

And I brought lots o’ fabric to cut! I now have four projects in the queue for 2018.

It sure feels good to be sewing again!

Thanks for stopping by.

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The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays. – Soren Kierkegaard

7 thoughts on “Finding My Sewjo

  1. I enjoy your posts. Found you thru Katy. What I enjoy the most???, your references to God and this one about prayer is stellar. Thanks.

  2. How productive! I have never been one to cut an entire quilt out before sewing. But it certainly gets you going quickly. I love your colors and designs especially for the spider web.

  3. I admire people that can cut out that much fabric and then remember what they originally planned to do with it. I have trouble remembering what project I planned for jelly rolls that I ordered. LOL

  4. Fabulous! You found it, alright. How nice of your friend to think of those things you could do at her house. Saved a ton of time! I really like the quilt for your sister AND the spider web.

  5. I really like your fabric choices for the spiderweb quilt. It looks great! The stars quilt for your sister is very quilt. And good or you getting so much cut out and ready to sew. You really have found your Sewjo!

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