7 thoughts on “Meet Viola

  1. Congratulations! I have one and love it. It makes the nicest stitches and the sound is like a purr. 😻Treat yourself to a class with a Featherweight specialist when you can to learn how to care for your new baby. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations on your new sewbaby, Zenia! But they are like love birds, and need to be owned in pairs. I predict that you will end up with another one before long… 😉 I have two Featherweights and I LOVE them. Also intrigued by your self-description of “wannabe musician.” Do you sing or play an instrument?

  3. That is WONDERFUL! I am not sure how I just came across your blog, but I cannot believe the coincidence as we have a GROUP of Vintage Sewing Machine Lovers on quiltship.com AND one of the members names all of her machines! I mean the coincidence is remarkable!!! Welcome to Viola. She is absolutely beautiful!!! Hope you enjoy one another very much!!! 8)

  4. Congrats!! She’s a beauty. I finally just picked up one as well…back in June. Can’t wait to have some fun with her.

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