Jonesing for a Finish

When I’m jonesing for a quick finish…

cute little projects like these Hand Strap Clutches, are sure to satisfy.  I made this one for myself.

And I made this one as a gift for a friend.

My cute wooden labels come from All This Wood on Etsy.

I used this free pattern by Spoonflower.  So far, I haven’t found any fabulous zipper pulls like the one in this pic but I’m still on the lookout.

Aztec Clutch

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Jonesing for a Finish

  1. Very cute, Zenia. Maybe you could check around an upholstery shop?? for tassels? I think this is very classy, ha! just like you.
    I have not been around much on the nets.
    Last year ended in a kind of stomach punch kind of way. First my momma, then my kittyboy Pierro. I truly recognize that others are suffering much greater wounds and loss. We trust in God, and keep going

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