Trunk Full of Quilts 2015 – Online Trunk Show Linky Party

Thank you Lara for posting about the Trunk Full of Quilts 2015 Online Trunk Show linky party. 
Such a wonderful idea AND a chance to win awesome prizes just for participating!  So I’d like to send a big Shout Out and Thank You to Soma for having the idea and putting the show together! The linky party started on November 10th and will close on November 18th.  Click on the link above or the badge below for full details.
Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies
I’d like to show and share about several quilts I made during my 1st couple of years quilting that are still in my home. The 1st three were made before I even started blogging.
This one I made for my son Joshua.  It’s a pattern called Cottage Square from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine.  It was such an easy pattern that I planned to make several more…but I stopped at two. His is the 2nd one I made.  I stitched in the ditch but he insisted I tie it as well. As you can see by where I placed the ties…I had no idea what I was doing. But he still loves and uses it daily.

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This quilt I made for my son Justin.  I actually designed it.  He requested the African flag colors and the zebra border; I chose to add the blue. This is the 1st border I ever did.  I didn’t want to wait for instruction from my quilting teacher and I didn’t refer to the internet either. I just did what I thought needed to be done. You can’t really tell, or maybe you can, but the border is all ripply and wavy.

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Even though they both love their quilts, they are anxious for me to make them another since I’ve gotten so much better.

This scrappy beauty is the 1st quilt I made for myself.  I followed this Strips & Strings Log Cabin tutorial by Mary Johnson to make this liberated wonder. I really disliked binding in the beginning. I made this a quilt w/o binding…by using the envelope or birthing method.  I didn’t receive any instruction, nor did I follow a tutorial for this either…because how hard could it be right?

Well, it really is a hot mess! It’s quilted in a straight stitch “improv” style, AND the batting doesn’t even go from edge to edge!  But I made it and I love it!

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This last quilt is a One Block Wonder.  It’s the 2nd I’ve made.   I used Alexander Henry fabric on both. This one is called Koto.  I fell in love w/this fabric the 1st time I saw it but wouldn’t even dream of spending $12.99/yd. One day I was visiting Joann’s red tag clearance sale and ended up getting it for $3.50/yd. I bought the entire bolt!

It took over a year to finish because I wanted to make it big enough for my king size bed and added overly generous borders and hated them. It then sat in a closet for many months before I decided it wasn’t going to be a king size quilt after all. I pulled it out, made my revisions and viola!

I entered it in the Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2014 and it made it to the Top 20 Viewer’s Choice!  I actually gave it to my mother but she recently gave it back saying it was “pretty, but too heavy”. So now, it’s all mine!

That’s all I’ve got folks!  Be sure to check out the party and link up!

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24 thoughts on “Trunk Full of Quilts 2015 – Online Trunk Show Linky Party

  1. As always, such a delight to read your blog and see your work. I had surgery on my thumb in October and as a result won't be able to sew for at least another 4 weeks. I am, however, able to cut … so, I'm hoping to find time to do some cutting for when I'm able to sew again. I'm planning a baby quilt using the Farmer's Wife Pony Club patterns.

  2. It's really fun to see a bit of your quilting history Zenia! Clearly you had the talent right from day one and have grown as a quilter ever since. Your LC & OBW are so gorgeous!

  3. I love all of these you shared
    I know you put a lot of work into them, the color and patterns are vibrant, just like you
    Your momma is funny, “too heavy” . :::snick:::: sounds like my mom :-p they are a hoot
    I hope you have a grand week of fun!

  4. I love the early quilts and how wonderful that they were made for your boys and they love them. Not only that they are asking you to make more quilts for them. Isn't that the best feeling? Thanks for the heart-warming trunk show!

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  7. The zebra print goes well with mixed colour quilts….I did the same with mine and never regret the choice I made. I love the rippled effect.

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