What to Do? What to Do?

A few months ago I decided how I wanted to store my fabric on the shelves.  The biggest problem being…I had to re-fold most of it! Ugh!  Well…I finally finished it!  TADA!!!

After finishing such a huge task, I had to decide which one of several projects to work on.  I really wanted to work on Through Thick and Thin, because it’s been in the closet for several months. But I also have a commission of 4 snap bags due by July 9, a commission baby quilt due by August 7, AND 3 more blocks of the Hillside Houses QAL to finish.   

Hillside Houses QAL won!  And here is the flimsy!  Besides the real obvious mismatched seam…that I may or may not fix before quilting, I love how it turned out!
On to the next one! 

Until next time, Happy Quilting and God Bless!

A Thread for Life
We must strenuously cast our ways and our burdens on Him and wait for Him in all haphazard and topsy-turvy moments. – Oswald Chambers

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23 thoughts on “What to Do? What to Do?

  1. Wow Zenia, I love the colors of your hillside houses! You did a great job! Had to look real hard for your mismatched seam, so perhaps you could get away with simply moving on to the quilting.
    Your sewing stash looks great and so well organized. It really helps to get everything right at hand. I forget I have fabrics all the time if i don't organize them on shelves.

  2. Your shelves look great! I wish I had the space to do the same. Your Hillside Houses look great. I love how the windows seem to glow.
    Sadly, I cannot get my wordpress profile to work with blogspot. quiltmusings.wordpress.com

  3. Congratulations on refolding and organizing your fabrics. They look luscious and so easy to get to and use. Could the mismatched seam be easily fixed by taking a seam across the top where it is obvious? It looks fine on the bottom. The houses just glow in the evening sky. Wonderful.

  4. Your shelves look so pretty! It's nice to have it organized as it helps us use it more. This winter I went through all my fabric, measured, folded it, labeled how much is there, and put it on comic boards. I originally set them on end like books on a shelf, but I found I could put more fabric in less space when I put them in piles like your fabric is. It's harder to get the pieces out, but saving the space is more important for me. Happy quilting!

  5. I love how you've made it nighttime with the yellow windows and darker fabrics, genius! Your stash looks amazing, just don't let it overwhelm you, I did this to mine a while back, and now I just get lost in the hundreds of ideas that come flying off the shelves!

  6. For what it is worth, I could not find your mismatched seam. And I looked! Your Hillside Houses are gorgeous, especially the glowing windows of light.

    I too keep my fabric on shelves but I disagree with it being an onerous task. I love looking at the stuff and stroking it as I fold and stack it. I fold mine in half parallel to the selvages (so it is a quarter-width wide), wrap around a 8.5″ wide ruler, then extract the ruler. Other than thickness, fabric bundles are all the same size then independent of yardage. I store on shelves by yardage – 1 yard shelf, 1.5-2 yards, 2-3 yards, over 3 yards. This drives my daughter crazy when she “shops” my stash because she organizes hers by color as you do. I like seeing stacks of intermixed colors and I get a kick out of different combinations that pop that I had not imagined would do so.

  7. Congratulations on your beautifully orderly stash – looks almost too good to use! Your Hillside Houses is looking great.

  8. I love the colors you picked! Houses at night…gorgeous, gorgeous! Your fabric looks perfectly perfect! I wish I had that much energy and a shelf to put it all!

  9. What a great feeling it must be to get all those fabrics folded and stored so beautifully. Well done you. Freat work on the houses. xx

  10. I love your Hillside houses, it looks like evening is here and everyone is home from work. Nice job! I have yet to start mine, but I think I will change to darker fabrics like you did.

  11. Great job folding and organizing all that fabric! I love your quilt! I love the darker fabrics on it with the yellow windows and blue sky. I agree with JanineMarie – the houses look warm and inviting.

  12. Ugh, refolding all your fabric – but the results look so worth it! I always procrastinate on integrating new fabrics to my stash when I have to fussy-fold them, but if my stash looked like that, I'd be more motivated! And I love that house pattern – it's so much fun!

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