Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Flower Burst Wonder

When I first read about the Blogger’s Quilt Festival in this post , I knew exactly which quilt I’d enter!  It’s a One Block Wonder I started over a year ago.  Today I named it Flower Burst Wonder.  It measures 64″ x 75″.

One Block Wonder is a technique from Maxine Rosenthal’s book titled One Block Wonders.  Personally I think the book should’ve been titled One Bolt Wonders, because you use lots of one fabric to make these amazing quilts!  I used “koto” by Alexander Henry.

This is the second One Block Wonder I’ve made.  Originally it was to be a quilt for my king size bed, but after adding wide borders, I hated it!  At that point I decided it wasn’t going to be a quilt for my bed after all and put it in a closest where it sat for many moons.

I finally figured out what to do w/it a couple of months ago.  It would become a large lap quilt and gift for my mom’s b-day November 3. I had to make it a lot smaller, so after removing the wide borders, I removed several rows of hexies to shorten the center.  Then I added narrower borders and FINALLY I started liking it again!

I’d always wanted to quilt it w/orange colored thread and that’s what I did. I wanted a softer, comfier quilt and didn’t want the orange thread to be overpowering, so I did minimal quilting; lazy, wavy lines in the center and a meander in the outer border.  You can see it better from the back view.

The 3 in” binding was made from the rows I removed when shortening the quilt top.

I’m extremely pleased w/how it turned out and I hope you are too! If you can figure out how to vote (it’s kind of a painful process), please vote HERE  (I hope the link works) for Flower Burst Wonder as Viewer’s Choice now thru Oct 31st AND for Favorite in the Large Quilt Category on Nov 1st.  I thank you in advance! The process that was kind of painful, was the nominating part.

Thank you Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side for organizing such a delightful event.  This is my first time and I’m entering Flower Burst Wonder in The Large Quilt Category.   I’m super excited to be a part of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival this fall!

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22 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Flower Burst Wonder

  1. This is beautiful. The One Block Wonder technique produces some really uniquely beautiful quilts. The fabric choice is perfect, the colours and pattern have worked really well together in this quilt. Wonderful!

  2. One Block Wonder is such a fun quilt to make. You've really done a great job of arranging the shapes into very effective colour groupings. I wish you good luck with your entry in the Festival!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. You have inspired me to pull my one block wonder blocks out if the closet. I got stuck on the placement. I will give it another go

  4. Beautiful OBW! I've made 3 OBW tops, but only one is quilted. They take a lot more thought than a regular quilt, but they are super fun to do. My LQS has a die cutter that makes that part easy. I can cut a whole quilt it 20 minutes, and they just charge me $5.

  5. Hello Zenia,

    Gorgeous quilt, and there's nothing like an easy meander to finish off a big quilt quickly!

    Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv

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