Happy Birthday Giveaway

Hi All! I’m so excited!  Today my blog is 1 yr old! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! (I also can’t believe I’m mother to an almost 27yr old, but that’s another post for another day.)  Anyway, what better way to celebrate a birthday than w/gifts, right?! 

So…I put together this little somethin’ somethin’ to give away.

The gift pack includes 80 charms(not all are pictured) from the Symphony of Blues Collection from Connecting Threads, a Sew Curvy Quilt Pattern from Michelle Hollis’ Red Bucket List, and 2 spools of (my fave) Connecting Threads Essential Thread.

One lucky winner will be randomly drawn on Friday, September 5, 2014 at 9p AZ-MST and announced on Saturday, September 6, 2014.

Alls you have to do be entered into the drawing is answer one (or more, if you are so inclined) of the questions below.

What does linking up mean and how does one do it?

What is a blog hop?

What is the notion or gadget you absolutely cannot live w/out?

Is there quilt pattern you have made 2 or more times? If yes, which one?

Is there a pattern you will you never try again?

Have you taught anyone how to quilt?

Do you recommend washing quilts before gifting/selling?

What sewing machine do you currently use?

What is the term for a quilt w/o binding…when you layer top and backing, right sides together on top of batting, sew around the edges leaving an opening and then turn it right sides out?

What is the best way to square up a quilt? Do you do it before or after quilting?

Obviously I’m working at establishing my blog. I appreciate your input. Thanks for your time and participation!  Giveaway is now closed. 901p 9/5/14

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45 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Giveaway

  1. Hi Zenia. Yes I've taught someone to quilt. I currently sew on 4 different machines, Pfaff 2056, 1914 singer 66 treadle, 1921 singer 66 hand crank & a 1951 singer featherweight. Congrats on your blogs birthday.

  2. Happy birthday to A Quilted Passion!!
    The notion I can't live without is my seam ripper 🙂 Especially since my sewing mentor is such a task master 🙂
    Even though I am so new at this, I would say definitely wash your quilt before gifting or selling because the washed quilt has a different look and feel than the unwashed quilt, allowing the final owner to see what it truly looks like!!
    And I think the term for a quilt without binding is a pillowcase??
    Thanks sis for all you do!!

  3. Happy Blog. Birthday!! I am currently teaching my good friend to quilt! Her boyfriend is in Afghanistan (Army) and she is going to send it to him. It is such a blessing to be able to teach someone about what you love so dearly!!

  4. Hi Zenia and Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary! I've read that most bloggers fizzle out before the 1 year mark – so you have passed a big milestone! This is a really sweet giveaway you are holding and a fun way to celebrate the event.
    I thought I would answer your question about “linking up”. I hope you don't mind a very thorough answer, even if you already know how for yourself.
    Linking up is a fun way to grow your blog's audience and meet some wonderful fellow bloggers. It basically means that you find another website that will let you place a link to your own blog on their site. It isn't good blogging etiquette to do that unless invited to. So most of the time you see link ups happening through Linky Parties.
    The idea is that everyone who puts a link to their own project in a linky party will then go around and visit the other links and leave a little comment happiness for the other bloggers. Some people are better at remembering this is the purpose than others. My own rule is to visit at the very least ten of the other blogs. It is fun to visit them all too! And Always remember to comment on your hostess' post and thank them for the party! Every Link Party hostess has her own set of guidelines, so you should check and see what they are before posting.
    I hope this is okay Zenia, but I need an example for people to look at, so I am going to put a link here to Sarah Craig's Whoop Whoop Friday's linky party for today: http://confessionsofafabricaddict.blogspot.com/2014/08/can-i-get-whoop-whoop-another-chance-to.html?showComment=1409321265962#c6457627576361734087
    If you click the link, you will see her post and then at the bottom a series of little squares with posts from other people's blogs. By clicking on them, you can visit the other blogs.
    So, let's say you want to join the Whoop Whoop party today. (Sarah would think that 1 year anniversary is a definite cause to Whoop Whoop!) Right below those squares you see “You are next – Click here to enter” This takes you to a form that you need to fill out.
    #1 should be filled out to take the viewer right to your post and not your home page. (to get the web address for your post, just click your post's title and then copy the address from your browser bar) Fill out the rest of the form. I prefer to crop my own image, which you can do on the next page that comes up when you click “from Web”. Select which image you want from your post and then play with the cropping tool. Then click Crop Image when you like what you see. Viola! your post is now in the Linky party! Now go have fun checking out the other people's posts!
    Most linky parties want you to link a fairly new post. But Val's Archive Tuesday lets you link up posts from you blogs past. Val picks the theme and if you have an old post that matches, link away!
    The best Linky Party I ever joined was Pets on Quilts! It only happens once a year, so I am hoping to find another party like that where people are so much fun and so social!

  5. Happy 1 year birthday! Ok, I'm such a newbie to quilting. I've made a small baby quilt & now I'm off to start my 2nd baby quilt for my own lil guy. I'm interested in hearing others responses to your quilting questions. But to answer a question or two…I have a Brother isodore 5000 & it is currently taking over my kitchen table. A big thing I can't live without in my sewing box is a pair of sharp scissors (my kids always seem to grab them to cut paper or craft stuff…sad times).

  6. hey! Happy Birthday to your blog!
    I have taught someone to quilt. I have several machines, but use my 16 year old Pfaff 7530 the most. A quilt without binding is called an envelope quilt. I cannot live without my Gingher thread snips and Clover Clips!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  7. Happy Blog Birthday!
    I've taught a friend to quilt. I sew on a Necchi machine at home and Brother machine at my friends. I've never made the same quilt pattern twice. I don't wash a quilt before gifting.

  8. Yes, I have made the same quilt more than once. I call it my “Windmill” quilt. It was just so much fun to make the windmill blocks that I just could not help myself.
    Yes, I have taught many people how to quilt including my mom and other family members. I also taught many quilt classes years ago and was even able to teach at the Utah State Annual Quilt Fest a few years. There is much joy in teaching others this craft.
    I don't wash my quilts until they get dirty. I don't even pre-wash my fabric. If I have a piece that is suspicious of bleeding, I soak it in a sink to see if it bleeds. All bleeding fabrics are washed in Synthrapol which pulls out the bleed. Next, I was them in Retayne which sets the color permanentlly.

  9. Hi Zenia – happy blogaversary! and many more too. To answer some of your questions I have made 2 log cabin quilts and will probably make more – there are so many variations. I love my basic 1008 Bernina, never lets me down. I have taught several friends to quilt – it is so rewarding to see them find their own style. I always wash a quilt once it is finished – it's usually been hanging around a while! but then it also helps to puff up all those little sections which brings the quilt to life. I have been blogging for two years now and have met some lovely people on line. xx

  10. A quilt without binding, sewn right sides together then turned and usually top-stitched, has a knife-edge. If it is not quilted, I would probably call it a blanket. Or a patchwork blanket if it is pieced. If it is tied and poofy, I call it a quilt, but I might also refer to it as a comforter. My Grandmother made a lot of these Comfy-Quilts.
    Happy Blogiversary:-)

  11. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! You have asked so many great questions…but the one that made me laugh (because of a guild conversation) was “What is the term for a quilt w/o binding…”
    We were discussing exactly that, using the term “birthing” a quilt. Of course, the conversation devolved when someone asked why it was called birthing. One of our members laughingly described the birthing analogy, and we were making slightly “indelicate” comments and laughing our heads off when we realized our newest member looked a bit dazed and confused. She'd arrived in the middle of the conversation, so missed the quilting reference. Once she was brought up to speed, she joined the hilarity, but for a minute we thought we may have scared her away with our craziness!

    So…it can be called “birthing” a quilt, or it can be referred to as a “pillowcase turn”, depending on who you ask. There are probably more terms in use, but those are the two I'm familiar with.

    Bet you're glad you asked. Ha!

    Also, square up your quilt as you piece (this is the best way to have a square quilt in the end), and then again after quilting (it will be minimal if you squared things as you worked), and before binding. 🙂

  12. Happy blog birthday! I always wash my quilts because they have a different look after. I want them to have “what you see is what you get” and I personally love the softness and crinkly look 🙂 My machine is a Janome 6600P and I love it! I like the disappearing 9 patch for baby quilts and you can never go wrong with a plain ole patchwork squares quilt 🙂

  13. Happy birthday to your blog ! I have taught others to quilt but I am still learning myself too . I have three machines that I use regularly , a pfaff 7550 , a Bernina 440 QE and a singer featherweight . I don't normally wash quilts before gifting them but I do like that crinkled look 😉 thanks for the chance at your wonderful giveaway and many more happy years of blogging to you !

  14. Well Zenia I waited to comment to see what others would say about washing the quilt! That's been a question I had, too. It seems most people like to wash their quilt. When I do so, I just remind myself to check the washer settings (warm not hot), and to throw in a “color catcher” just in case. I am tempted to include a box of color catchers with each gift of a quilt, as I've had a gift quilt [somewhat] ruined (by myself!) with bleeding.

    As you know I've done the chevron quilt at least 3 times, two different ways (bricks and same-size HSQs, though there is also the flying geese way I haven't done). One quilt I will never ever do again is the giant Dahlia quilt. I was seduced by its gorgeousness, but what a mess I made. My seams must not have been exactly 1/4″, and nothing fit.

    I've had a lot of luck getting visitors with Wordless Wednesday (I guess there's also Work-in-Progress Wednesday) and Friday Finish. I know that Friday Finish migrates from blog to blog. I've only done it twice, but it's nice to see the visits and comments increase, and I think some of those visitors poked around my blog a bit.

    Congratulations on your blog birthday. Mine is today! (and, on top of that, it's my 50th post!) I couldn't have done it without you finding me and offering your faithful and fun support.

  15. Hey Lara, Thanks for detailed info. I did join Sarah Craig's Whoop Whoop Friday's linky party and will be looking for Val's Archive Tuesday. I'll also be looking for other linky parties to join. Please feel free to pass any my way.

  16. Hey, thank you for stopping by! I'm sure your friend is happy to learn this craft. She can make beautiful creations and it helps pass the time while waiting for hubby to return. It truly is a blessing to teach my passion.

  17. Happy Blog Birthday!

    A Blog Hop is when bloggers link to each other following a certain theme. If you want to try a blog hop – I'm looking for someone to tag. email me and I will email you the description of how the Around the World Blog Hop works. 🙂 I found your blog through Sarah's Whoop! Whoop! Friday linky party. 🙂

  18. Greta!! There you are! When I do wash, it's on cold setting w/a color catcher. They work great! But I've never thought of recurrent bleeding. Sorry to hear about the ruined quilt. Chevron is one of my faves too. There is also a quarter square triangle technique that looks pretty easy. I'd like to see a pic of your giant dahlia. What is Wordless Wednesdays? Do you just post pics? That would be very convenient and even better if it generates blog visits! I'll definitely look into that. I'm so very glad I met you and am so looking forward to meeting you in person in October.

  19. The first question I wanted to answer was the quilt without binding. I learned it to be “birthed” …Hopefully you don't need me to explain! I love a moda chevron pattern though I'm not positive of the official name and I've used it a ton. I also experienced a transformation to be able to make half square triangles once I learned the magic 8 technique.

    Love your blog. Hope I win 🙂

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