More Finishes and a New Addition to the Family

I finished the college bound, scrappy strip twist quilt for my niece. I’m extremely pleased w/how it turned out!  She is going to love it!

I practiced FMQ –  meandering in the pink borders. It’s not the prettiest job, but the important things are:  I’m practicing, thus getting better AND I used a light colored thread so you can’t see how not-so-curvy it really is. 😉

I’ve been experimenting more w/taking pics of my quilts. This one was too long to hang where I usually do to get a full frontal. I realize pics don’t have to be full frontal but whenever I just “lay” the quilt over the end of the sofa or a wall, it looks stupid.  Anyone have any pointers?

I also finished this little charity quilt. At the last QA meeting, someone brought in a bunch of individual 10″ squares already quilted.  I grabbed a handful and this is what they became.

I came across this handy dandy post by +bellezza squillace on how to fold and store quilts. I’ve tried this several times. Mine still aren’t as neat looking as the originators pic seen here, but they will no longer have hard creases down and across the middle! =)

Remember the puppy I wrote about in this post? I named her Ivy. I brought her home last night. I got her from my dear friend +Pam Hammond. If anyone is interested in a Blue Heeler aka Australian Cattle Dog, she has 4 pups for sale; 2 females, 2 males.  I’m hoping Ivy and Inka (our cat), will be fast friends soon.

3 wks

Look how much Ivy has changed in 5 weeks. They are born white and quickly develop their colors/spots like Dalmatians (because they were cross bred with Dalmatians way back when). She has beautiful markings w/ a single mask and was the only pup in the litter w/brown ears.

7 1/2 wks

I’m still hanging w/Bikram Yoga. I just completed my 4th week. Only 8 more to go. I have to adjust my schedule to 2 classes a week starting Monday because I drop my grandson off at school. I may have to adjust it even more to accommodate Ivy. I’ll keep you posted.
Oh, I almost forgot, my blog’s 1st birthday is this month and I want to do a give away. Any tips/pointers you can give for a successful giveaway will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, Happy Quilting!

A Thread for Life
But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Heb 3:13 NASB

17 thoughts on “More Finishes and a New Addition to the Family

  1. Great quilt! I need to start practicing free motion SOON! I always think what great things I could do if I would just take the time to practice 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and for letting me know my blog just turned one! Maybe you know, but I like to tell people if they are no reply bloggers. I was that way for a long time and wondered why people never responded 🙂 Anyway, thanks again!

  2. Thank you Christine. I agree, we can't get better unless we practice. We can take all the classes in the world, but unless we practice…it's for naught. What do you mean about the “no reply bloggers”?

  3. So funny that you were putting this up as we were talking about my struggles at the moment! I love how your strip twist looks and am looking forward to starting mine. I appreciate all your support and mentoring, and I have been quilting for a year this month, thanks to you!!

  4. Congrats Kelly. I'm so proud of you for sticking w/it. Yes, quilting is frustrating at times. Sometimes you just have to get out of the chair and come back to it “tomorrow” after you've had time to regroup. Thank you for being my friend and sister in Christ.

  5. Hey, Zenia. Ivy is adorable. Australian cattle hounds are awesome, you will love her. I did not know you were doing hot yoga! That's what I do! When you visit I can get you a cheap pass.
    I guess my blog's birthday is coming up soon, too. Hard to believe.

  6. Thanks Greta. I'm not quite at love yet…but I know I will be. She's a lot of work. Yes I've been doing hot yoga for a month now. I did it last year for about a month too. I have 2 mos to go on this special I got. I was going to ask what your favorite pose is..but I think asking what's your least favorite is a better question. I don't really like any of them…but my 3 least favorites are: Eagle, Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee AND Fixed Firm!!! But sure, I'll go w/you when I visit. 😉 Looks like you started your blog 2 days after me. You have anything special planned?

  7. Christine, thanks for bringing the “no reply blogger” issue to my attention. I just figured out how to fix it! The first thing I had to do was revert back to Blogger from Google+. Now that I've fixed that issue I'm wondering if I can go back to Google+ because it's where most of my followers are.

  8. Hi Zenia, I saw you on Christine's blog and thought I'd come and peek at your blog. I am loving how you did your scrappy twist quilt – was your niece thrilled? I bet she was!
    I started quilting in 2011 too. 🙂
    And Ivy. Oh wow she is just too adorable!
    Happy First year blogging anniversary.

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