I Am Not Forgotten

 So, I met this guy a couple of weeks ago that I really liked.  When I say I met him, what I really mean is, I saw him and heard him speak. He was giving his testimony at a faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program that I was visiting w/my son.  It was so encouraging to hear how God had changed his life and how he in turn was working to help others.  I was really captivated by his words and then I noticed how good looking he was! He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and hadn’t talked about being married and when we left I told my son that he might just be the one.  My son said he was thinking the same thing!!! I found him on Facebook and sent him a friend request and note about how I enjoyed his testimony. (I have not heard back as of yet).  I planned to call him up the following Monday just to ask if he was married or seeing anyone. I told a couple of friends my plan and they talked me out of it and advised me to calm down and pray about it. So I prayed a little, but I really needed to know if he is married or not. I didn’t want to be praying about something maybe happening w/a guy who is not available. This next part is going to make me sound like a stalker…but I promise you, I’m not.  I went back there today….to donate some items to their yard sale.  As I was there looking around, I saw one of the guys from the program and we started talking so I asked some questions about my guy.  According to my source(who may or may not be reliable), he is not married…nor seeing anyone. Now, I can pray about it with a clear conscience.

Even if he turns out not to be my guy, I feel like God was showing me that there are some good ones out there and that He hasn’t forgotten about me. =)

A Thread for Life
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Forgotten

  1. Thank you for sharing! With God anything is possible for those who believe, and you have shown through your actions that you are a faithful believer. I know God has great blessings in store for you. You never know, he may be the one!

  2. As one of the friends who told you (politely and lovingly) to “slow your roll” and pray about it, remember that the Bible says to pray about everything! I get what you mean when you said you wanted to pray with a clean conscience however you can always pray for God to lead you in the right direction without hesitation. 🙂 (Now, if I only could practice what I preach!)

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