This is How I Sew

Meet Betty, also known as Ugly Betty or Back-burner Betty. She’s a Baby Lock 1506 Denim Buster and the first machine I’d ever owned. I bought her for $40 on Craigslist about a year and a half ago. I’m not sure how old she is but I do know she wasn’t nearly as smooth as the borrowed one I was using before her.


Shortly after I got her, I decided to buy the borrowed one from my friend. This is Wilma. She is my work horse! She’s a Baby Lock Quilters Choice Professional.


She came w/this quilt frame (expands to King Size) and I paid a mere $400. I have awesome friends!

A couple months ago, something happened to Wilma and she was out of commission. This left me no choice but to get intimate w/Betty. I used her until I could afford to get Wilma up & running again. After a new foot pedal and spool pin ordered from My Sewing Machine Parts, Betty wasn’t as bad as I once thought. We spent many hours together and she made me proud. =)

3 thoughts on “This is How I Sew

  1. That is amazing that something you never did showed much interest in before has turned into your favorite hobbies! When you first told me how you were making a quilt, I would have never thought it would become one of your passions. That is so good. As we get older, simple things in life can become so fulfilling, but I will stick to animals and photography!! 😉

  2. Let me rewrite that first sentence from my previous reply because it is a mess:

    “It's amazing that something you never showed much interest in before has turned into one of your favorite hobbies!” 😉

  3. I know Sandra. My sister thought it was just a “passing fancy”…but it has stuck! And now I'm trying to make up for all the years before that I didn't quilt! =)

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